10 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music

It is no secret that music has an incredible impact on your mood. It can make you happy, sad or even angry at times. But that is not the only thing music can for you. For example, listening to music can even provide you with great health benefits.

Apparently, exposing yourself to music is far more beneficial than most people believe. Psychologists have recently discovered that music has a profound impact on the way you experience emotions and directly influences your overall wellbeing. Listening to music before going to the doctor might actually save you a lot of time and effort.

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If you want to learn some of the other things music can for you, check out these 10 amazing benefits of listening to music:

#1 Makes You Smarter

Did you know that amongst the list of hobbies that make you smarter are playing and listening to music? Many people have reported that studying music helped them retain their focus and improved their performance when completing cognitive tasks. Also, a study showed that listening to music allowed test takers to complete more questions in the time they were allocated and get more answers right.

#2 Improves Your Workout

man running while listening to music

The Guardian

If you are into exercising, you have probably experienced this. Listening to music while running helps you maintain your pace, a fact that makes your exercise more intensive and effective. A study confirmed that runners who listened to music completed the first 800 metres of a run faster than those who didn’t. This shows that music can be used as a motivating factor to getting fit quicker!

#3 Reduces Stress

Who knew that music could reduce stress? If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, you might want to try this out as it can reduce anxiety as much as a message. A study showed that listening to music helps to reduce the hormone cortisol which is responsible for creating stress. Since excessive stress can be catastrophic to your overall health and wellbeing it is important that you take the necessary music-medicine and be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

#4 Improves Your Sleep

Many people have reported that they listen to music while they sleep. But not all of them knew this was good for their health. According to this study, listening to classical music for 45 minutes before you go to bed helps you to sleep better. So, if you have insomnia, try out this handy tip, and you will get to sleep like a baby.

#5 Helps You Lose Weight

woman eating salad


If you are on a diet, listening to music results in eating less food and as such consuming fewer calories. A study confirmed that background music affects food consumption and helps people eat less. When there is soft music playing during a meal as well as dimmed lighting, you consume less food possibly because the music relaxes you and slows you down which means you are more mindful of your cues.

#6 Helps You Relax

Research revealed that listening to music helps patients relax before and after they have had a surgery. In particular, music decreases anxiety and it is far more effective than Midazolam which is a medication that helps patients who are about to have a surgery feel more sleepy. It can also work as a painkiller for people who are suffering from chronic back pain as music is directly associated with the nervous system.

#7 Improves Your Memory

Listening to music helps people with memory loss identify patterns of sound and associate these with their history or specific events. The part of the brain that processes music is located next to the memory which makes this process easier. This has been tested on people suffering from post-traumatic amnesia who showed signs of improved focus and orientation after their exposure to live and taped music. Moreover, research showed that music also helps stroke patients recover easier and quicker while improving their verbal memory and attention.

#8 Strengthens the Heart

According to The Telegraph, listening to music can strengthen the heart and help the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease. A study that aimed to examine the benefits of music on heart patients revealed that those people who listened to 30 minutes of their favorite tunes every day, and exercised improved significantly. The ideal type of music for this purpose would be joyful music (even without lyrics) e.g. classical and opera that produces endorphins – the feel-happy hormone. Other than that, heavy metal music is strongly discouraged as this is more likely to increase stress which might upset the patients’ emotions.

#9 Helps to Cure Depression

It is no secret that music makes you feel good. Researchers have confirmed that when you are not feeling your best, meditative music could be your best friend as it lifts your spirits. Listening to music elevates your mood and helps you get in touch with your feelings. As such, it also makes you more self-aware and puts you in a better position to manage your emotions.

#10 Increases Your Performance

Upbeat music helps you improve your performance in high-pressure situations. Since such situations can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it is important that you treat yourself with some exposure to music. A study showed that basketball players who were prone to performing poorly in important games showed a significant increase in their performance when they listened to some upbeat tunes before a big game.

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Music is the best medicine of the soul, the mind and the body. So no matter what your taste in music is, you just need to put on your favourite tunes and let the sounds take you where you need to go and for a long as you want to.

How often do you listen to music? Have you noticed any changes because of it? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below…;