10 Hobbies That Help Fight Anxiety And Stress

5. Yoga
This might be one you’ve heard of, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! A lot of people don’t even practice yoga for physical health, but say that it helps center them and ease their stress. It also helps you adopt more mindful eating habits, and boost your oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone”.

6. Gardening
Gardening is proven to lower your cortisol, according to the Journal of Health Psychology, and improve your mood. It’s a grounding activity, no pun intended. It literally brings you closer to the earth and helps you connect with nature, interacting with other living things and healing yourself through that. It can also make your supermarket budget stress lower if you garden well enough! Scientists also think the bacteria in soil may help activate brain cells which produce serotonin. Gardening as a natural anti-depressant! Who knew?

7. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter
We love this suggestion, because honest, what depression can’t be solved by adorable fluffy dogs and cats? Studies have shown that spending time with animals or having an animal as your companion is positive for your mental health, and it’s good for our fluffy buds as well!