10 Hobbies That Help Fight Anxiety And Stress

8. Hiking Somewhere Pretty
Taking a walk or a hike has been proven to help stop you from that annoying habit of obsessing over your negative emotions and thoughts. It can also improve your mood, and adding the adrenaline of a hike (endorphins, anyone?) and some pretty scenery can’t hurt, right?

9. Listen To Music And Make The Perfect Playlist
Music, especially classical, can have a calming effect and be used in therapy for stress relief. If classical isn’t your thing, don’t worry, listening to any music for at least 30 minutes a day lowers your brood pressure, chills out your heart rate, and lowers overall anxiety and stress levels, says Harvard Health.

10. Reading
Just like journaling has some really positive effects, reading and absorbing text also does as well! It can help ease muscle tension, reduce heart rate, and can be a great hobby for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just six minutes of picking up your favorite juicy novel is enough to reduce stress!