10 Manliest Ways to Open a Beer

Prove your manhood and/or lady-hood with these awesome beer opening skills.

1. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

2. Seatbelt


Actually, don’t do this.

3. Teeth


Place the lip of the cap on your bottom teeth, bend it with your top row, and have a general disdain for your own safety.

4. Lighter


Hold the bottle in one hand and pry the cap off on various points using a lighter. Then start a bonfire to signify your victory.

5. Dollar Bills Y’all

Dollar Bills Y'all

Roll up a dollar bill as tightly as possible, fold in half, and put it under the cap. Hold the neck of the bottle with your other hand and push up.

6. Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

Less funding for Mars exploration, more funding for rocket launchers that open beers!

7. Another Bottle

Another Bottle

Two is better than one.

8. Strike Plate

Strike Plate

Does your door have one of these? Then you have a beer opener, my friend.

9. Come On and Slam, and Welcome to the Jam

Come On and Slam, and Welcome to the Jam

Put the cap on the edge of a table or a counter top, and slam your palm as hard as possible.

10. Chainsaw


How could this possibly go wrong?