10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016

The Holiday Season can be overwhelming for all of us: spending a lot of time with your family, trying to figure out the best gift for your mom, your best friend, your coworker, and your neighbor. For most of us it gets to the point where we just want to stop and cancel Christmas. This year you should have no fear because we’ve got you covered. The most unique Christmas Gifts this year are below. Enjoy!

1. If you live in a warm climate or just weren’t fortunate enough to get snow this holiday season – there is no need to worry. Surprise your family with a DIY wooden snowman (even better if it is a glorious Frosty the Snowman, am I right? How adorable!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_01

2. Comfortable jammies are the best! Give your friends some amazing cozy PJs (and don’t forget about yourself), make some hot cocoa, put on a holiday movie = best party ever. Swap some Christmas stories and don’t forget to Instagram the whole process!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_02

3. Bake some delicious cookies and make tree ornaments out of them! Your family will be so surprised when you reach up for that ornament…;.and eat it! A simple gift that will bring smiles to people’s faces and warmth to their tummies. That’s what we call a total win-win!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_03