10 Of The Craziest Cases Of Human Smuggling

10 Of The Craziest Cases Of Human Smuggling

12 People Attempt To Get To US Using Cloned Car

A human trafficker attempted to smuggle 12 illegal immigrants into US, using a ‘clone car’, particularly a cloned border patrol Tahoe car.

‘Cloned cars’ are like identity theft for vehicles. These cars pretend to be school buses, patrol cars, police vehicles, 10-wheelers, or any type of vehicle, normally with a cloned registration plate which allows criminals to carry out crimes such as smuggling or organized crime.

Man Found Hiding Inside A Suitcase After Dog Detects Him

Two men were arrested in a Peru airport after being caught smuggling a human. A man with an average sized suitcase was stopped by guards after the guard dog displaying keen interest. The man was asked to open it, but seemed reluctant. When officials finally had him unzip the suitcase, it revealed another man hiding inside.