10 Of The Creepiest Animated Villains

Everyone has a favorite cartoon that they always made sure they tuned in to watch on a weekly basis. Many of these cartoons would often feature a hero and a villain. The villains would always try their best to stop our favorite heroes from winning. Some of the villains in these cartoons were down right crazy and a tad bit creepy. They were so creepy that we would often question if their roles were even suitable for cartoons. Lets take a look at some of the creepiest animated villains that we always loved to hate and were a little bit afraid of.

HIM The Powerpuff Girls

HIM was one of the main villains on The Powderpuff Girls. Not much is known about HIMs true identity. The villain is dressed as a red devil, wears heels and has a creepy sinister laugh.

Rasputin Anastasia

Rasputin tried his best to get rid of the beautiful princess, Anastasia. He was old, cryptic and very scary looking.