10 of the Most Outrageous Pools in the World

1. The Largest Pool in the World – San Alfonso Del Mar

The Largest Pool in the World - San Alfonso Del Mar

You’re gonna need a longer pool skimmer. At a private resort in Chile lies the biggest pool humanity has created (so far!). We’re talking over 3,000 feet long and filled with 66 million gallons of filtered seawater. Estimates put its construction cost at $2 billion and annual maintenance at $4 million.

Don’t lose your pool noodle.

2. Roman Pool – Hearst Castle

Roman Pool - Hearst Castle

Built by powerful/crazy newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (played by Leo DiCaprio in the Aviator), this pool sits inside of Hearst Castle in California. It features eight statues of Roman gods and goddesses, as well as decoration with one inch blue/orange glass tiles lined with gold. You can’t swim in it, but maybe you can convince the staff if you bring tuxedo swim trunks.

3. Sunken Swimming Pools

Sunken Swimming Pools

Want to get in the pool without all that pesky swimming and floating? Stay dry and lounge in style with your pool surrounding you on all sides.

And obviously, adding fire to any design ideas will take it up a notch

4. World’s Deepest Pool – Nemo 33

World's Deepest Pool - Nemo 33

How big is your deep end? 6 feet? 8 feet? Try 113 feet at this specially-designed pool in Brussels. Made for diving instruction/recreation, as well as film production, this multi-level pool has something for everyone. When you’re done diving for pennies from the bottom, relax at the bars built into the pool walls and watch your fellow divers through reinforced windows.

5. Cantilevered Pool – Austin, TX

Cantilevered Pool - Austin, TX

Tired of having your pool in boring places like the ground? Why not try jutting it out of your property like this cantilevered pool on an estate in Austin, TX. The pool hangs in the air “like a prism” above Lake Austin, feeling like a modernist human fishbowl.

6. Hidden Swiming Pools by Hydrofloors

Hidden Swiming Pools by Hydrofloors

Want a swimming pool without sacrificing any room in your spot? Why not try hiding your pool under the floor? With the press of a button, descend into your pool in what was your living room two minutes ago. Don’t forget to move your coffee table out of the way.

7. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa – Iceland

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa - Iceland

This pool, sourced with water from a nearby lava flow, is kept at a steady temperature of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s pretty much a gigantic lava hot tub, minus the jets and accidentally touching legs with 4 other people.

8. World’s Longest Infinity Pool – Singapore

World's Longest Infinity Pool - Singapore

No list of pools would be complete without this famous infinity pool in Singapore. Located on the 56th floor and only reserved for hotel guests (and you if you’re slick), the pool features unobstructed views of this world-class city, and enough room for almost 4,000 people, so it doesn’t have to be lonely on top.

9. Pools in Balconies – India

Pools in Balconies - India

At the under-construction (and potentially stalled for some crazy reason) Aquaria Grande in India, Hong Kong based architects James Law thought it would be a great idea to put a pool in every balcony. If lazily floating on your back 25 stories up inches from the edge of a balcony doesn’t make you nervous, remember it’s the first building of it’s kind. If you’re still in, this is a project you’ll want to keep an eye on.

10. World’s Most Remote Pool – Social Pool in Joshua Tree

World's Most Remote Pool - Social Pool in Joshua Tree

If you’re looking to get away, like really get away, the Social Pool in Joshua Tree might be for you. It is accessible only by GPS coordinates, given to once you pick up the key to the pool at an art museum a 2 hour drive away. Once you get there though, you’ll be enjoying a retreat in the desert only a handful of other people have ever laid eyes upon.