11 Epic Ideas On How To Transform Old Things Into Something Awesome

When it comes to cleaning out all your old stuff, shedding the baggage can feel good. But it can also feel wasteful. Upcycling is the resourceful alternative to trashing your stuff – you can take things that are past there expiration date as is, and give them new life in stylish and surprising ways. Check out the best DIY upcycle hacks to inspire your own spring cleaning right now.

1. Old Bottles As Lampshades
Using old bottles as shades for pendant lamps is a great way to turn any place into an enchanted forest, immediately. A cheap DIY hack but an expensive-looking ambiance results. Try these all over your house.

2. Old Garden Rake As Wine Glass Holder
Was that old rake getting a little too rusty? If it was time for a new one, repaint the old one (or keep it boho-chic with a rusty and rustic look), convert it into this space-saving and chic wine rack. Hang your glasses upside down with this genius upcycle.