11 Ridiculous Fast Food Chain Ripoffs In China

China is very good at…;replicating stuff. It’s not really a big secret. They can take anything, from shoes to electronics, and make a doppelganger of it. Some copies are actually very good; at first glance, you can’t tell the difference between an original Chanel bag and one that has a Made in China label on it (unless original Chanel bags ARE really manufactured in China, well, that’s a different story).

So if you’re strolling through the streets of Beijing or some other place in the country and you do a double-take because you think you’ve seen an In-an-Out restaurant, don’t be so surprised. For the record, there is NO In-an-Out restaurant in China, but they created something that suspiciously looks like the famous fast food chain in the U.S.


Photo credit: 11points.com/

See what I mean? It happens to be a fake one, but if you don’t know better, you would be tricked into believing that a branch already exists in China.

Here are other snaps of fast food chain ripoffs that incredulous people have seen in the country:

Cheese Burger = Burger King


Photo credit: 11points.com
Star Fucks = Starbucks


Photo credit: 11points.com
Mak Dak = McDonald’s


Photo credit: 11points.com
A store with 7-11 and Apple logo = 7-11
Photo credit: 11points.com/
Dairy Fairy = Dairy Queen


Photo credit: 11points.com

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