12 Bizarre Reasons Why People Get Kicked Off Planes

Air safety is taken very seriously, and for good reason nobody wants to be 40,000 feet in the air, locked in a pressurized tube and for something to go wrong. But just because youve had all your sharp objects and liquids taken off you during the security check at the airport doesnt mean youre out of the woods yet. There are still people who want to behave badly (including celebrities), plus many other reasons why someone might be considered a flight risk by the crew. However, there are some reasons that people cannot help, like being a baby, or being tall! Here are just some of the incredible reasons as to why some passengers are going to get escorted from their next flight.

Bad Baby

Weve all been on a flight where somebodys baby is making a lot of noise. If youve ever been in the situation, youll understand why this happens babys ears are very sensitive to the pressurization of the aircraft, and havent yet learned how to pop their ears like us adults have, and so are stuck with the pain. Smaller children will also feel pain and anxiety while flying, and will react as most do when theyre scared: by making a lot of noise. While many of us will put our headphones on and ignore it the best we can, some airlines have taken a stricter view and have even removed the offending children (and their parent, of course) from the plane if the crying begins before take-off.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Even people who are considered average height find it difficult to get comfortable with the leg room on modern economy flights. Imagine if you were almost seven feet tall! And if being uncomfortable wasnt enough, you can also be threatened with removal from the plane. On a recent flight to Canada, one man was berated by crew for sticking his legs out and causing one of the flight attendants to trip. He was told that, despite being 6 foot 9 inches, he was to fold his legs into his seat space like everyone else.

Drunk And Disorderly

Alcohol has a different effect on the human body in the air than it does on the ground, so if youre having a couple of drinks on the plane, remember that you will effectively get three times drunker than you normally would. There are also some people who probably cant handle a drink to start with, so its no wonder (and great relief to the other passengers) when drunken passengers are dealt with until the flight is over. Getting drunk on planes seems to be a pastime of many celebrities Kate Moss has offended several times, David Hasselhoff, who has been known to board planes already drunk, and Gerard Depardieu who decided that being drunk and loud wasnt enough, hed also added urinating on the carpet to his list of offenses!