12 Cool & Geeky Pet Accessories That You Need Right Now

Who’s got cat scratch fever?

Who's got cat scratch fever?

Nothing is certain but death, taxes… and geeks splurging on their pets.

It’s an unwritten rule that if you love Star Wars, your dog or cat does too. They might not be able to explicitly say so, but you just KNOW IT. This statute applies for all geeky films and comics.

Since your pets are, coincidentally, such huge fans of the same things you are, it only makes sense that you should buy themed accessories for them, right? After all, you’re doing it for their happiness.

While the above cat-scratching turntable isn’t related to a specific film or CD, it’s still pretty damn cool and you can decorate it however you like. You can order it here and who knows, you just might end up the proud parent of the next Catboy Slim.

Check out our gallery of other fun and geeky pet items and let us know which one is most likely to end up in your home.