12 Dream Jobs For Girls You Won’t Believe Exist

Few people dream of spending most of their day in the office, doing paperwork and mindless chores on their computers. We all grow up dreaming of an exciting job. Some want to become astronauts, others want to be doctors and people’s lives, some dream of one day winning an Oscar for acting or directing. The point is, none of us as a kid thinks “hey, spending 8 hours in an office cubicle seems like fun”, but a lot of people end up doing that, because their dream jobs seem unattainable. What if we told you it’s not too late to change things up. We can’t guarantee you an Oscar, but there’s plenty of other dream jobs that are way cooler than what you’re doing now. So let’s take a look at 12 dream jobs for girls you won’t believe exist.

1. Waterslide Tester
Yes, you read that correctly. In 2013, a British company was looking for a person to travel around Europe, Tunisia, Thailand and Egypt testing out their waterslides in theme parks. All you had to do is put on a swimsuit, go down multiple water slides and since the position called for social media experience, we’re guessing you’d have to post some info about it on social media. Sounds too good to be true? It really does. In fact if someone offered you this job you’d probably agree to do it for free, but the $31,000 paycheck they offered sounds amazing too, doesn’t it?

2. Professional Sleeper
Who knew you could earn money while sleeping? Well, not exactly. In 2012, a company that specializes in making luxury beds hired students to test out their beds. They had to basically sleep in the bed under various conditions and then blog about their experience. So basically – they slept in fancy beds and then wrote about it on the Internet. And they got a modest pay of $1500 per month, which for a student is pretty damn good. Where do I sign up?

3. Panda Nanny
There’s few Panda’s left in the world and while there is a chance they might go extinct, there are people doing their absolute best to make sure that the panda’s that still exist can live a happy, satisfied life. To become a panda nanny you’d have to apply through the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in China, or you can check some zoos, since they sometimes offer similar positions. The job entails taking care of pandas, making sure they’re happy and stress free, and it also entails occasional panda hugging.

4. Bed Warmer
It’s a bit ridiculous but you can actually get paid for hopping into bed and laying there for a bit, until it warms up. Apparently Holiday Inns in Great Britain actually have a position of “bed warmer” on their staff and they offer this service to their customers. In addition to doing nothing but laying in beds, you also get to wear a cosy special suit, that is basically an equivalent of an electric blanket, so you’ll always be toasty warm. Sounds like a great job for the cold season.