12 Incredible Photos Of Women Proving “Men’s Work” Isn’t A Thing

Even though we’re in 2017, there’s an unfortunate amount of people who think that there are still certain fields that are designated for only men – “men’s work”, if you will. One photograoher called Chris Crisman came up with the idea, and it resulted in some extremely striking portraits that are as beautiful as they are meaningful. Also, Chris sounds like the ideal woke bae, just saying.

1. A butcher is stereotypically a fat bald guy sweating over cold cuts while he shouts directions to his sons. Well, not in Heater Marold Thomason’s life, where she’s a very self-sufficient female butcher and the owner of Primal Supply Meats. Who says carnage is just for men?
01_women_proving _mens_work_is_not_a_thing_butcher

2. The crass New England fisherman with thigh-high rubber boots is also a stereotype of what a “fisherman” looks like – try again. This fisherwoman (really gotta update those pronouns) looks as fierce as Katniss as she grabs a handful of lobster to throw into that bucket.
02_women_proving _mens_work_is_not_a_thing_lobster_fisher

3. Think all developers are fat cats in suits? Bosslady Alison Goldblum in Philadelphia is a property developer– and still looks put-together doing it, around all that sawdust! Keeping killing it the businesswoman game, Alison.
03_women_proving _mens_work_is_not_a_thing_property_developer

4. You don’t often see a light shone on woman in the beer industry, but this baddie called Christina Burris is a brewer, and she’s not afraid to get down and dirty with some shoveling. We’re not sure what she’s doing exactly, but it looks intense. She’s a brewer at Sr. Benjamin’s Brewing.
04_women_proving _mens_work_is_not_a_thing_brewer