12 Signs You Grew Up Mexican

Either you stumbled upon this article because you’re feeling a bit nostalgic or you’re curious to see just how wrong or right the listicle can be. Either way, feel free to look through our compilation of signs that you grew up mexican. It’s a fun time and who doesn’t love inside jokes?

1. You feared la Chancla as a kid, and even now when you think about it you get a little shiver. La Chancla is no joke.

2. While the rest of the world is obsessed with Christmas, you know you’ve got the better deal. Santa Claus has nothing on Reyes Magos. And no one else will understand why there’s just one shoe hanging out outside your door.

3. You know that Taco Bell has nothing on real Mexican food, so when your friends talk about how they crave it and how good it is you just roll your eyes.