12 Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Exercising can feel like a drag, but it’s something that we need to fit into our schedules as responsible adults. But who says that you have to feel like a grown up when you’re working out? Ditch the gym and go with one of these exciting and different workouts instead.

1. Hiking
Going for a hike can get your heart pumping, and you’ll be so taken by the beautiful scenery that you won’t even notice that you’re breaking a sweat. A hike makes you feel like you accomplished something, and you get to breathe in nature to center your mind as well.

2. Dance Class, Or Just A Night Out Dancing!
Why go to the gym when you could be shaking your hips and feeling sexy while you burn calories? Take an evening time hip hop or jazz class, or go out with your girls and spend hours on the dance floor. It’s a great way to stay fit, and so much fun.

3. Bike Around A New Part Of Town
Biking is awesome when it’s nice out – the wind in your hair and your ability to zip from one end of the city to the other – you can easily fit in a powerful workout, and for you it’ll just be an invigorating cycle! Bonus: it’ll save you cash on transportation!

4. Take A Boxing Class
Boxing can make you feel like a fierce warrior woman, and it can pack a punch with calorie burning and chisel your bod too! Learn some cool self defense moves and keep trim while doing it!