12 Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Working Out

5. Play Some Wii Sports
Who knew that video games could count as working out? Play everything from volleyball to bowling! You can do it by yourself or with a teammate – socializing while you work out doesn’t sound too shabby to us! Cheaper than going bowling in real life!

6. Go Rock Climbing
If nature isn’t your thing, you can always take this activity indoors, but outdoor breathtaking sounds pretty badass. Take in the scenery as you conquer a mountain or a terrain of your choice!

7. Do Some Intensive Housecleaning
Housecleaning can actually really break a sweat – try a different activity for an hour every night. Vacuuming on Mondays, mopping on Tuesdays, and wipe-downs on Wednesday! Or spend a full Saturday going at it, for a hardcore workout and a sparkling house.

8. Take A Woodworking Or Metalworking Workshop
Who says building stuff and woodworking is just for the boys? Build yourself a new side table with the activity that will not only teach you a new skill, but twiddle away at your waistline. Ladies can be lumbersexuals too!