12 Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Working Out

9. Have Sex- Lazy Positions Don’t Count
Getting freaky is always bound to be some ideal cardio – and debatably the best method out there. But lying on your side and having lazy morning sex won’t do much – get a little creative with those positions, and engage your core and other muscles for an unforgettable romp, and a workout!

10. Go For A Swim
Swimming is one of the best workouts to strengthen your body, and it’s perfect for when you’re on vacation or at the pool. Neither of those feel like workouts to us! Since when is basking in the Mexican sun while doing a few laps something that we’d groan about?

11. Work Out In A Playground Or Buy A Trampoline
Exercising in a play ground is the prefect way to channel your inner kid – monkey bars are awesome for your lower body, swinging can engage your lower core, and climbing around all the playground equipment also works up a sweat. If it’s not your thing, you can always buy a trampoline and bounce to your heart’s desire in the privacy of your own home.

12. Rearrange Furniture In Your House
For better Feng Shui in your home and a freshened up look, move the furniture around in your house to get your blood pumping! Moving around heavy pieces of wood and sofas will definitely tire you out, and you get some interior design done in the process.