15 Brilliant 90s Music Videos You’d Totally Forgotten About

It’s hard to believe that 90s pop classics such as MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ are 25 years old!

In today’s world of Drake’s bizarre ‘Hotline Bling’ video we forget how great music videos used to be.

Music videos used to make 90s pop songs so much better.

There was pure excitement of finding out what Britney’s next video was going to bring.

But we haven’t even thought of these iconic pop videos in years.

The appreciation of Sinéad O’Connor’s ghostly face singing her heart out is long gone.

Yet these fabulous music videos still define 90’s music.

From The Backstreet Boys’ cheesy airport performance…;

To Eminem’s crazy acting of different characters…;

Here are 15 music videos you’d totally forgotten that you absolutely loved!

1. Spice Girls – Wannabe (1996)

One of the best Spice Girls videos there ever was. All the girls are dressed in their symbolic outfits and the famous ‘zig-a-zig-ah’ move was born.