15 Cringeworthy Photos That Prove Dads Have No Shame

To be a dad you need to 1.) find yourself hilarious and 2.) have no shame.

Dad jokes are very rarely funny to anyone else but themselves and more often than not they are at the expense of their poor children.

However, if the following images are anything to go by, in order to truly succeed at being a ‘funny dad’ you need to go hard or go home.

We have found a collection of fathers that are guilty of cringeworthy selfies, practical jokes and pitiful puns but, we have to admit this time their attempts paid off.

Their dignity may no longer be in tact, but we hope you all thoroughly enjoy laughing at their misfortune whilst flicking through the hilarious gallery below.

This dad decided to cut his shorts to the same length as his daughters


Not only did he add a shameless slit at the side of the short shorts left leg, he had no qualms about showing off his milk bottle thighs. ‘Best. Dad. Ever.’ I think your daughter will try to argue otherwise. However, hats off to you sir – looking good.