15 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Being A Teacher

We’ve all had our run ins with Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey style teachers – the faces change but the cliche’s still stand!

Now, whilst most of us could not even comprehend spending eight hours a day with unruly children making our lives hell, there are some brave people on this planet who take the job and all of it’s advantages and disadvantages in their stride – your very own teachers.

We never really understand what it’s like on the other side of the teacher’s desk – what’s going on inside their heads when they’re being tested by a troublesome child, or how it feels when a student aces an exam because of their teaching style.

Well, now we can have a hilarious insight into the life of teachers through these incredible Tumblr posts. Get ready to learn why your teachers acted the way they did in the howl-worthy gallery below…;

1. Coffee Is Clearly A Teacher’s Essential Beverage In The Morning

teacher 1

Can you blame them? Having to keep up with hundreds of hyper children every day must take its toll on you.