15 Hilariously Awkward Live TV Moments From 2015

We all hate making mistakes, but we have to feel for those people out there who happen to mess up on live TV.

There is nothing you can do when the cameras are still rolling.

2015 hasn’t been short of hilarious but very awkward live TV blunders.

From celebrity feuds coming to a front at the live MTV VMA awards, to news presenters getting caught up in silly mistakes, there have been some brilliant moments to look back on.

We can’t forget Madonna’s fall at the Brit awards, nor can we ignore that infamous Segway crash in Bejing.

Here are 15 live TV moments from 2015 that are sure to get you laughing.

1. BBC Presenter Brushing Her Hair


Unfortunately for this BBC news presenter, she didn’t realise she was on air and was caught casually fixing up her hair when she was supposed to be presenting. Awkward!