15 Modern Stairs That Will Make You Want To Remodel Your House

Stairs aren’t something we usually give a lot of thought to. It’s just a necessary part of your house so you’ll be able to reach the second floor. They’re nothing special and in some cases can be quite bulky. But what if we told you that stairs, when designed right, could become the main feature of your house, a point of pride and beauty. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at these 15 examples of absolutely beautiful stair designs.

1. Futuristic Steampunk stairs that look like they could be the spine of some metal beast.

2. Stairs that look like a flower from above.

3. Barely there, black minimalistic stairs that won’t take up much space at all.

4. Stairs with a slide for kids. Or you know, adults who still like to have fun.

5. Metal staircase that just screams minimalism.