15 Of The Worst Treats To Get When Trick-Or-Treating

Trick-or-treating on Halloween is the only time of the year that children can openly go around to their neighbours house and ask for sweet treats, without feeling cheeky.

Often, it is a competition between groups of youngsters, who can collect the biggest pile of sugary goodness.

However, there are certain individuals that have not managed to grasp the concept of a sufficient treat.

Not that we are being ungrateful but, an apple or a toothbrush are clearly not in the same league as a delicious handful of Haribo!

In a desperate attempt to put these terrible treaters back on the right path, we have put together a list of the worst things people have been given while trick-or-treating.

Avoid these Halloween no nos and you are sure to put a smile on your trick-or-treaters faces this Halloween.

Children Trick-or-treating --- Image by  Royalty-Free/Corbis