15 Scariest Photobombs… of all time!



Once upon a time, people used one-time use cameras and took their film to get developed at the drug store. During this ancient time people would also move out of the way of another persons picture thats being taken. It was the polite thing to do. But, with the coming of cameras being on almost all cell phones and the newly found humor of being in someone elses picture photobombing is here to stay.

Some like to go for the funny photobomb, others might go for the creepy. Keep in mind theres a thin line between scary, creepy, and funny when it comes to photobombing.

Heres 15 Scariest Photobombs… of all time!



Could this be another case of the nerdy student tricking himself into thinking that the popular girl was actually going to prom with him? The popular girls mother obviously wanted to stay the cool mom and let her younger daughter wear blue dental floss to prom, while her older more conservative daughter just wanted the back out. BTW, she decided to go with her friends and forgot to tell him.



Sweet mother of scary! Theres nothing like an old story about the creepy neighbor that didnt have good boundaries. The mother wakes up in the middle of the night only to see him rocking the baby back to sleep for the third night in a row. Shes too scared to tell her husband, because creepy McGhee is also the sheriff. Mother feels trapped. Her only option, kill creepy McGhee. Somebody call Hollywood, thats a good movie!



Pretty sure there has never been a face of someone who is more over life than this lady right here. Dear girl with the glasses, she is not stupid and she knows you are taking a picture of her. Incognito? You miss are definitely not, hence her looking directly into the camera. Did you have the flash on? Let this lady enjoy her senior citizen gold card membership, coffee and complimentary water.



Oh, no not today! Elmo is not having a good day and does not have time for these people taking pictures. He is definitely not tickled. Introducing Angry Emo Elmo launching in the fall of 2015, just in time for Christmas. This limited edition collectors edition Elmo comes with black eyeliner, two pair of skinny jeans with checkered belts, and a free facial piercing at the local mall.



Happy Easter Sunday! Looks like mom did a great job of getting the kids dressed. Putting the older two girls in the same dress, the boy in his 2 size too big, and the baby in a mini version of the older girls dress. Everything was almost perfect, till her husband came home and she had to shove her lover under the couch cushions. Pretty sure the husband called Maury after this picture leaked. Oops!