15 Totally Absurd Kitchen Gadgets Youll Want to Buy Immediately

The only thing more American than apple pie and baseball games is buying a bunch of crap that you dont need and youll never use that will end up in a landfill one day. God bless the U-S-Hey I could use one of those. When we think back on all of the junk weve purchased throughout the years and never used, we are reminded of the George Foreman grill, the Gizmo knife, the treadmill, the kettlebells… okay those last two we should have used but who has time with all of the great streaming television programming thanks to the Rabbit TV Plus we got for a ridiculously low price?

If you love buying crap youll never use, then youll love these 15 totally absurd kitchen gadgets.

The Authentic Twinkie Maker



For only $29.95 you can buy this gadget that promises to let you make Twinkies at home in minutes. It also includes a recipe book and a pastry bag so you can whip up some of that delicious filling and squirt it in there. If you have another $30 lying around may we suggest you pick up a home blood glucose testing monitor.