15 Twisted Things People Admitted To Doing On ‘The Sims’

People across the globe will tell you they are guilty of spending hours of their childhood on The Sims, but what they are less likely to confess to is the sick and twisted things they have got up to whilst playing the game.

It turns out that a lot of gamers are guilty of foul play and that it is not out of the ordinary for them to mistreat their virtual families.

According to a bunch of Reddit users, there are a few commons sins that Sim users commit on a regular basis.

Check out the most outrageous things that people have confessed to doing on The Sims.

A date with death


After discovering that you can kill old people on Sims 4 by overexertion, one user went around killing the towns OAP’s and when death showed up they began to befriend death. Their ultimate aim was to make death fall in love with them. Because that doesn’t scream psycho.