16 Annoying Email Habits That Will Make Everyone Hate You

Emailing might seem like a pretty basic tool in the 21st century, but the truth is that there are a whole lot of dos and don’ts to this seemingly simple way of communication.

Generally, it is used in the workplace and because of that there is a million and one examples of people overstepping the mark and annoying their colleagues with their poor emailing etiquette.

From sending messages to colleagues at 2am to overusing exclamation marks, these are just a handful of the infuriating email habits that will make everyone at work hate you.

Vague subject lines

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‘FYI’, ‘Hey’, ‘Morning’ – these are all pointless subjects for an email. Get to the point and use this to quickly show what you want. This way people will most likely open your email and respond to you quicker.