We all think about becoming a parent. We’ve learned through our friends and family, that having a kid is the best thing that could ever happen to us. But what we also learned throughout these years is that having a child is more difficult that we could imagine. So in order to take on this responsibility, we should do our best to prepare ourselves for the worse. We should study the internet, study books or call our dear old mother for parenting advice. Since most of us turn to the last solution (either we want it or not), I’ve gathered a few images that might help us along the way utterly become wonderful parents, without the aid of our loved ones. If you’re already a great mommy or daddy, I want you to see these amazing tricks that will undoubtedly increase your skills in the future. Let me know if they worked for you!

A coffee lid is more than a “flavor holder”. You can ingeniously use it to limit Popsicle drips, from your charming but messy children.

coffee lid