20 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Loving Belly Rubs

Serene Sea Cow

It is a tragic thing that such an adorable and gentle sea creature like the manatee is an endangered species. Maybe people will think twice about being careless in their speedboats when they see how cute and sweet manatees are when they get a belly rub.

Euphoric Amphibian

Frogs are famously slimy little creatures and have famously delicious little drumsticks. What they are not so famous for loving laying back and enjoying some good belly scratching.

Sunny the Hedgehog

Everyone remembers the speed demon Sonic the Hedgehog from the classic videogame who loved nothing but going fast. Real life hedgehogs, however, seem to really love relaxing, taking it slow, and getting their tummies tickled.

Happy Like the Wolf

Wolves are famous for being proud and majestic creatures that cant ever be tamed. While they may not be suited for the domestic life, they love getting their bellies rubbed as much as the next house pet.