20 Hilarious Pictures that the Rich Kids of Snapchat Are Sharing

If you think there’s some sort of a secret society where the rich rule, then you’re correct. Even outside of the real world, in social media, Rich Kids are killing it with their Snapchat game. In case you missed it, you can find out what the rich kids of the world are up to, thanks to the RichKidSnaps.

The Snapchat account, and Facebook account that captures the screenshots of the upper class has certainly faced a lot of haters. People have taken to the wall to post their grievances about wasted money, entitled kids, or what many refer to as “spoiled brats.”

Let them live though. It’s satire, hopefully… these kids probably don’t really hate peasants.

If you want to hate, or you want to be jealous, check out this gallery of screenshots of Snapchat’s elite.