20+ Ingenious Solutions By Broke College Students

Going DIY is the one of the best methods to save cash for the rainy days. Not only does it spare you from extra expenses, it also encourages you to be resourceful, creative, and to think out of the box.

But for some people, particularly broke college students, going DIY has become one of their survival tactics. Instead of spending money to purchase new materials, these super thrifty people made the most out of the available resources in their surroundings to fix some everyday problems.

#1. How To Use A Drinking Fountain In College


Photo credit: Brian Dawkins
#2. Making The Most Out Of The Chilly Weather


Photo credit: Swight74

#3. Who Needs A New Shower Head?


Photo credit: dontknowbuthello
#4. Milk Gallons + Tissue roll carton = Phone speakers


Photo credit: Bresus

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