20 Of The Funniest, Weirdest & Shocking As Seen On TV Items

Weve all seen them those really strange, shocking and definitely funny products advertised on TV that have huge claims, but dont often deliver, or at least seem too good to be true. Then we receive catalogs in the mail from companies like Walter Drake or Harriet Carter that feature these As Seen On TV items. We end up raising our eyebrows in interest, or roll our eyes because the products sound so dumb or funny. And sometimes just the names end up inspiring a hearty guffaw.


No, this has nothing to do with your actual dog curling up and going to sleep. Its all about hot dogs, and how to make a spiral cut into them so theyll not only cook evenly, inside and out, but also hold toppings better. So the item sounds pretty utilitarian, but the name is what will get you to laughing. Can you imagine saying, Honey, go get the Curl-a-Dog out of the (insert storage area here)?

The Waving Flag

This item plays two patriotic songs and is supposed to wave like a regular flag. Whats funny or weird about this item is that you can easily get a decent-sized cloth flag that you can hang outside for just as much money. Plus, the whole point of flying a flag is so everyone can see it, not just the people that come into your house.

Liberty Lantern

This is an old-timey-looking lantern that is actually solar powered. But heres whats funny about this: there are quite a few old-timey-looking lanterns out there that dont need the name Liberty Lantern to sell it. As far as names go, this runs along the lines of Freedom Fries.

Bacon Bowls

Just wrap bacon around the bowls that come in the kit, put in the oven to cook, and youre supposed to have perfectly formed bacon bowls. Whats funny is the idea of spending money on something like this when you can use an upside down muffin tin. Also, the push is on in this country to be more physically fit, so how is this product going to help that, even with the suggestion of turkey bacon?