20 Totally Unsafe Work Practices that Will Make You Cringe!

The safety of the employees is critical in any occupation that is why there are rules and regulations in every workplace. Health hazards at a work could lead to injuries and injuries result in hospital expenses, absences or worse, exorbitant lawyer’s fees if the employees decide to sue your company to the ground.

However, there are workers who, despite being oriented about safety precautions and warned about the repercussions of foolish actions, still do absurd things. Is it bravery? Is it ingenuity or mere laziness? Either that or these men were absent during the safety training course. You decide once you see these 20 totally unsafe practices.

#1. No hard hat available?


Photo credit: honda-tech.com
#2. There’s no sign that says “No Smoking”, right?


Photo credit: reddit.com
#3. This guy’s in dire need of a welder’s mask.mask
Photo credit: blogspot.com
#4. It doesn’t matter if he suffocates. At least the debris won’t get to his eyes, eh?


Photo credit: delobbo.com

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