29 Hilarious Photos That Show How Cropping Totally Twists The Story

Forget about Photoshopping! With the right perspective and a little creativity, some good old cropping will be all you need to make photos that completely grab everyone’s attention.

The photos below are from a recent BoredPanda compilation and it definitely made everyone of us here at EliteReaders laugh with delight. We’ve never been this amused before and so we wanted to share it with everyone, too.

Who knew you could come up with clever eye-catching pics with just a little cropping, right? We salute the inventiveness of everyone who took these images. In some instances though, maybe we’ll just have to credit the dirty minds of those who saw beyond what was initially captured on the camera.

You’ll have to see them to get what we mean. So without further ado, go scroll down and view all these funny photos in their cropped glory!

1. Can’t afford to chill by the pool? Not a problem!

funny-cropped-photos 1

Photo credit: Imgur
2. Cropping changes everything.

funny-cropped-photos 2

3. A floating ship? Nope, it’s just a tower covered by fog.

funny-cropped-photos 3

Photo credit: Imgur
4. Beware of those busty babes you see on Facebook.

funny-cropped-photos 4

Photo credit: Andyl66
5. An example of that “dirty mind” thingie we were telling you about.

funny-cropped-photos 5

Photo credit: unknown
6. I feel bad for that guy who will fall for this.

funny-cropped-photos 6

Photo credit: aydiman

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