3 Star Wars Secrets to Awaken Your Force

Much like every other geek in the galaxy we are dusting off our light-sabers and putting on our Jedi robes in preparation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The thing is that the premier isn’t until December 18th…;and we need our fix..maaaan. Well, if you also need your Star Wars fix, then tune into careeraddict, we will get you what you need. If you need all the luscious visual chocolate of the trailers (including one you probably didn’t see) check out our previous Star Wars article. Today we’ll be talking about Star Wars secrets to Awaken Your Force.

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carrie fisher slipping

You can see that she is having a bit of a problem with the left side of the bikini in this photo…creep


You can go all Freudian and chalk it up to a form of sexual fetish called exophilia, which is being aroused by sexual encounters of the third kind, but if there is a theme there is sexual fetish that revolves around it…;slowly, yeah just like that…;purely for the sake of research, Googling: “Star Wars Porn” yields a whopping 58.4 million results, but that is just the tip of the Slave Leia. There are even Star Wars theme sexual aids (see sex toys) which feature, Imperial Paddles and whips fashioned to look like lightsaber handles. If during your intergalactic coitus you get a little bored you can also unleash your light saber on some highly NSFW Star Wars Fan fiction.

Slave Leia’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Curry Leia

A nerd girl is the fastest way to any man’s heart


If there is one scene in the sci-fi cinematic universe that ushered more nerds into sexual maturity, it’s the infamous “Slave Leia” scene. For those that are unaware, this scene involves a young, attractive Carrie Fisher, in what amounts to a metal bikini formed to the actress’s body. I bet you didn’t expect an entry about almost every Gen X and Gen Yer’s secret sci-fi fantasy to evolve into a physics and anatomy lesson but here goes. Because of your relatively low exposer to the real things let me clarify, boobs move and as you know metal doesn’t, so throughout the shooting of the “Slave Leia” scene Carrie Fisher would frequently slip and pop out of her top. To compound this situation was the semi-reclined pose she had to be in while in front of Jaba the Hutt. This costume is so nerd-boner inciting that it even has its own Wikipedia page…; It has been parodied, remade and featured in pop culture ever since.

Fisher’s Extra Wardrobe Malfunction

If “Slave Leia” doesn’t do it for you then, perhaps this will give you your fix. In the scenes of the franchise that Leia is wearing her other famous costume the flowing white jumpsuit, she is actually commando…;as in undergarment-less. The only support she had under the flowing garment was duct tape…;no wonder the storm troopers couldn’t hit anything, I would be distracted too.

Not That Sexy

jaba the flying hutt

The alternative ending to the Sarlacc scene is Boba Fett and Jaba collide mid-air, and both fall into the pit to be digested.


Ok, I’m sorry the sexy side of Star Wars is great, but honestly this collection of unreleased (or unused) Star Wars art, is just as awesome. You’re welcome you perv.

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