38 Epic Constructions Fails that Will Leave You with so Many Questions!

Architects and engineers are hired for a specific reason — they know what they’re doing and what they need to do in terms of design and functionality. If you want to have an edifice, a house or anything constructed, you need the expertise of these people to provide you with the best layout.

But have you ever seen a bridge leading to nowhere? Or a lamp post right in the middle of a highway?

Whether the series of pictures below are real or fabricated, one thing’s for sure — they’re really hilarious!

Scroll down and enjoy these 39 epic construction fails!

#1. An electrical outlet or faucet?


#2. A lamppost in the middle of a highway? Seriously?


#3. Just let it drip until you reach that toilet paper.


#4. Make them walk first, right?


#5. A minor gap in the bridge.