5 Charitable Companies That Actually Give Back

If you’ve ever watched Mr. Robot, you probably remember the Evil Corp, that he’s out to get. You know the evil corporation that runs Mr. Robot’s universe, the one that’s willing to do evil things to get to the top of the world. And that’s not far off how we usually perceive corporations – especially us millennials – we always tend to think of companies as ruthless villains who will stop at nothing. But not all big companies are like that, in fact, there are lots of companies that are really charitable and that actually give back to the world.

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The list below features just some of the charitable companies that give back, so read through it to restore your faith in this world!


If you are sporting some TOMS product, then you can feel good about yourself because with your purchase you’ve helped a person in need. With their one for one scheme, TOMS helps one person in need every time one of their products is purchased. This scheme has had a real impact on the world. In fact, over two million children have been protected from hookworm with medication, there’s been a 42 percent increase in maternal health care program participation, and there’s also been an increase in participation in Liberian primary schools among the other positive effects of this scheme.

2. Hand in Hand

Hand in hand is a company that sells soaps and all those things that make bathing a whole new experience. As well as setting up a great business, company founders Bill and Courtney wanted to change the world, so they came up with the buy a bar give a bar scheme. For every product purchased, the company gives a soap bar to those in need. The couple has even helped build a clean-water well in Haiti.

3. Faucet Face

Faucet Face is another company interested in providing clean water to those in need. The company’s business is water, and this is what makes them so sensitive to giving back to people who have no access to clean water. Faucet Face helps communities in India who are so remote that the government does not provide them with plumbing, so the people living in those areas are forced to use the nearby river which is contaminated with all sort of parasites and bacteria that can be lethal to humans and especially to children. With their 1 for 100 scheme, Faucet Face donates 2.5 percent of their profit to these people who are in need of clean water, and it also donates a clean water filter – which prevents parasites from getting through – for every five bottles of their water purchased.

4. BoGo Bowl

BoGo Bowl sells dog food, and they have such a great variety that even the pickiest of puppies would be satisfied. What’s great about BoGo Bowl, however, is that they donate a bag of food to organizations helping dogs for every bag of food purchased. With their Buy One Give One program, online customers have the option to choose which organization they want to donate the free dog food bag to. BoGo Bowl is also committed to helping promote and attracting attention for organizations that help homeless animals.

5. WeWood

WeWood is a company that sells wooden watches and cotton fibre eyewear. Their watches are 100 percent natural, and they use recycled and sustainable materials to make their products. WeWood is also interested in restoring the environment’s resources, and they are doing it one tree at a time. With their reforestation project, they’ve already planted more than 400, 000 trees!

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These companies are doing an excellent job! It’s always admirable when companies use their profit to give back, and if you are interested in launching your own start-up make sure that you put together some kind of giving back scheme for your company, it will not only attract positive attention, but you will also be attracting the universe’s positive vibes as well.

Do you work for a company that has a give back scheme? Is it effective? Your thoughts and comments below please…