5 Reasons You Should Define Your Own Work Life Balance

Each person has a different definition of work-life balance. But ask whoever you want, and they will tell you that at the core achieving work-life balance is having the freedom to do what you want and as such feeling in control of your life. This explains what time management experts mean when they say once you learn how to manage your work; you learn how to manage your life.

The demanding rhythm of work has indeed made things difficult for everyone. While the workload continuously increases, free time has become harder to find and workers need to make sure they find the balance between these two. But, there are many reasons why it is important to find this balance:

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1. To Be Happy

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Most of the things that you do in your life you do because they make you happy. For example, you choose to cook your favourite meal when you want to eat food that you particularly enjoy, and go to the cinema when you are tired of staying home. But, what if I told you that achieving work-life balance is the definition of happy? It only makes sense that once you have a job that you love and allows you to work the hours you want, it’s more likely you will also be satisfied with the number of hours you get to spend with your family and friends. This doesn’t mean that you will be spending an equal amount of hours at work and home, but it will still ensure that you have everything you need to be happy.

2. To Give Something Back

Everyone has a purpose in life, and often this involves doing something good for their community. When you are in a job that allows you a lot of free time to work on those things that you find meaningful in your life, then you are more likely to give 100 percent. And guess what? That is when great things happen; that is when you bring positive change. Finding the perfect work balance will give you the flexibility to work on things that you enjoy and give something valuable back to the world.

3. To Set Your Own Work Schedule

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The good thing about determining your work-life balance is that you get to decide how many hours per day, week or month you want to work. It doesn’t matter whether you work multiple part-time jobs, a full-time job or if you own a business, what’s important is that you can fit your work around your lifestyle and not the other way around. This means that you get enough time to relax, and still do all the fun stuff you want to do in your allocated free time. Sounds good, right?

4. To Gain Control Over Your Life

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Having a bad work-life balance can have a negative effect on your personal needs and responsibilities. If you think about it, working parents struggle with time considering that they have to make room for child care responsibilities and other non-work related activities. While this is difficult for men and women, women will think twice before they accept a job that doesn’t allow them much home time. Considering that women will probably be responsible for children, they need more time at home and are more likely to prefer a career that allows them to have greater control of their life.

5. To Be Healthy

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The lack of a proper work-life balance can be dangerous in many ways. If you find yourself constantly working overtime and leave no time to cultivate your social life, then you are killing yourself without realising. As studies reveal, extended work hours and demanding jobs that negatively interfere in your personal life are associated with health risks such as exhaustion, smoking, alcohol consumption, weight gain and depression as well as other physical and mental illnesses. What this means is that achieving a proper work-life balance is essential to your well-being.

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Achieving work-life balance isn’t an easy job, and there is going to be a lot of trial and error before you can get there. But, it will be worth the time and effort you have put in once you have a job that allows you to enjoy life the way you want to.

Would you say that you have achieved the perfect work-life balance yet or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…;