5 Stories of People Who Quit Because of Their Nightmare Bosses

Nightmare bosses come in many forms. They can be demanding, abusive, or just plain obtuse. Some of them are so horrifying that we have no idea how they were ever put in charge of people in the first place. While there are many ways to deal with a terrible boss, sometimes the best solution is to leave your job

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Here are some stories of employees who quit their jobs because of their nightmare bosses.

1. Get Tipsy


A bartender at a busy nightclub, noticed that tips given to the bar staff by customers paying with credit cards, were not being cashed out and handed over to the appropriate servers. The bartender brought the problem to the bar manager, who agreed to tally up receipts, checkouts, and paychecks for the next couple of weeks to try and get to the bottom of the problem.

After examining the financial paperwork, the bar manager came to the conclusion that somebody was withholding a large chunk of the bartenders’ tips. When the bar manager decided to confront the owner of the club, the owner insisted that his skimming of the servers’ tips is perfectly legal and that the employees would just have to deal with it.

The bar manager subsequently threatens to quit if the owner refused to return the money he stole from the bartenders. The owner scoffs and tells the bar manager to get back to work. Instead of following the bar owner’s orders, the manager alerts the rest of the bar staff to what the owner has done and that he is quitting. A few minutes later, the rest of the bar staff follows suit and walks out with more than 500 bar patrons waiting to be served. Apparently, the owner had to shut down the bar for a few weeks in order to hire new staff members.

2. Family Affair

A college student worked a seasonal position for a family to which he was extremely dedicated; he even cut classes in order to accommodate them when they needed him. He worked six out of seven days every week, in order to allow his manager to take the month off and stay with his newborn.

Since the job was on a seasonal basis, there were four months out of the year that the student didn’t work; therefore, he didn’t make money. Consequently, he picked up a second job. When the family he worked for found out about his other employment, they cut the student’s shift down from six a week, to just two, claiming that he “didn’t need the hours anymore”.

The student was forced to quit and find another job that would allow him to work the hours he needed in order to support his father who had just retired early due to Leukemia, which the student’s former employers knew about.

3. Recession Depression

manager shouting

One college graduate worked for a great company; relaxing atmosphere, regular pay raises, and an easy-going team of managers. Unfortunately, the company’s account manager decided to buy out all the other managers, leaving him to run the company on his own.

Immediately after that, the employees were forced to work through the night in order to complete their mountain of tasks and were consistently yelled at for being just a few minutes late. One coworker who complained to the manager about having to endure 60-hour workweeks was told to “work for the post office” if he wanted to work just 40 hours a week.

Pay raises were removed due to the recession, according to the manager, and it got so bad that most employees were leaving work in tears. Eventually, the employee left the company for another job, and the company he left, ended up going under several years later.

4. Retail Therapy

A well-loved manager at a retail store was on duty during a shift and sent one of the retail associates outside to round up shopping carts. The employee tasked with rounding up the carts, was a recent hire who got the job because two of his friends were already employees at the store. He already had a reputation for slacking off at work.

Predictably, the employee told one of his coworkers to go outside and collect up the carts (as if on behalf of the manager) and he proceeded to wander around the store with some of his friends. When the manager caught wind of this, he pulled the disobedient employee aside, gave him a well-deserved lecture, and sent him outside to collect up the carts like he was supposed to in the first place.

Soon after, the manager notices that the lobby has completely emptied of shopping carts and it has been half an hour since he had sent the disobedient employee out to collect up the carts. When the manager goes outside to see what has been taking so long, he finds the employee leaning against the outside of the shop talking on his cell phone. Understandably, the manager fires the employee on the spot.

The next day, this employee contacts the HR department and starts a vicious rumour that the manager, by which he’d been fired, has been selling drugs to employees at work. He then calls the manager and leaves a message threatening to get revenge.

Despite the testimony of every employee at the store that the manager was not selling drugs and that the fired employee was a terrible worker and just the type of person to make up such outlandish accusations, the HR department still kept the loyal manager on a short leash. After a few weeks of not being able to stand the rumours and interrogation by HR staff, the manager quit his job.

Within the next week, three quarters of the staff quit as well, with the remaining staff being just the two friends of the slack employee and a couple of new hires.

5. Nanny

the pacifier

A live-in nanny, hired to work for a member of Depeche Mode and his wife, says the job was the hardest three weeks of her life. Not only were the children among the worst behaved kids the nanny had ever seen, but she had to somehow manage to keep them quiet every morning as their parents spent just about every night drinking and would suffer a hangover every morning.

Among her typical nanny-like duties, the married couple would insist the nanny to take on tasks outside her job description, such as picking up after the dog. Needless to say, she used the family’s first weekend getaway as an opportunity to back up her belongings, leave, and never look back.

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Having a nightmare boss, sucks.. Having to answer to a bonehead can take a nasty toll on your mental and physical health. While many of us have a few anecdotes about rude or insensitive things our bosses have done, hopefully that’s where it ends. Unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky.

Did you quit your job because of a terrible boss? Let us know in the comments below…