6 Ultimate Dream Proposals

3. Nature’s calling
If you and your partner have an active lifestyle and you like to discover new natural wonders, this is a perfect way to propose. Next time you go hiking or camping, pick a place near a very romantic location with a wonderful view. Getting to the top of the mountain or hiking through the forest to a waterfall is a great preparation for your romantic proposal. A breathtaking view will make it a moment to remember.

4. Say it with Disney
Disneyland is every kid’s dream. Even if you are an adult, it’s impossible not to feel happy. Why not pop the question in a place like this? Your partner will not be able to say no to a fairytale proposal. The magic of the surroundings and support from the crowd will be just perfect for your special moment. No one is too old to be a part of a fairytale which comes to life. The best part is that you can pick your partner’s favorite characters or even propose in a castle. Disney is the limit.