78 Year-Old Man Punched In Face Over Free Nutella Samples

A 78-year-old man was shopping at a local Burbank Costco when he was punched in the face this past weekend. The elderly man was in a dispute with another customer who he said was taking too many Nutella waffles off the stores samples cart. Derrick Gharabighi, 24, took several samples from the Nutella cart when the older shopper told him he could only take a single item.

According to Burbank police officer Cindy Guillen, Derrick ended up punching the older man in the face over the dispute. The 78-year-old shopper was hospitalized following the attack for a one-inch cut and swelling over his eye, Guillen reported.

Derrick has been arrested on the suspicion of elder abuse, and is set to arrive in court later this week for the altercation. It is unclear whether the entire event was captured on store cameras, but you can be sure the assailant will have some sort of punishment handed down to him.