9 Reasons To Ditch The Nice Guy And Go For The Good Guy

Just Because He’s Nice, Doesn’t Mean He Cares

Just Because He's Nice, Doesn't Mean He Cares

You went on a date with a guy. You got dressed up, and he told you that you looked beautiful and took you out to a nice dinner. After whatever number of dates, you sleep together and eventually agree to be exclusive. Somewhere in the following month or few months, something changes and he turns on you.

You react to this, and he does say all the right things to appease you, but he still acts differently. After enough time passes, this grows old and you then feel no choice but to end it with him, to which he doesn’t show much emotion. He is, however, nice about the whole thing.

You dated Mr. Nice Guy.

It is almost impossible to tell the Nice Guy and the Good Guy apart off first glance or even after a few months. He says all the right things, which makes you look past some of the things he does that should actually be huge red flags.

While the Nice Guy says all the right things, his actions don’t always reflect his seemingly good nature, and you run the risk of finding yourself heartbroken after just a few months.

1. The Nice Guy takes you out to restaurants for dinner. The Good Guy takes you out, but also wants to cook for you or with you.

2. The Nice Guy tells you that you look beautiful when you get dressed up for date night. The Good Guy tells you that you’re beautiful in the store, in the car, after hiking, or whenever you laugh.

3. The Nice Guy makes a great impression on your parents, and your friends think he seems worth your time. The Good Guy does both of these things, but also wants you involved in his life and with his family and friends.

4. The Nice Guy will hold your hand when you’re out on dates. The Good Guy will hold your hand anywhere.

5. When the Nice Guy does something that upsets you, he says that he’s sorry. The Good Guy will say he’s sorry and discuss it with you so it doesn’t happen again.

6. The Nice Guy will pick you up in his car for a date and wait for you to come out. The Good Guy parks and walks up to your door.

7. The Nice Guy asks how your best girlfriend is doing. The Good Guy asks when you can all hang out.

8. The Nice Guy gets you flowers on your birthday. The Good Guy asks your best friend what your favorite flowers are and gets them.

9.The Nice Guy calls you to see if you’d like to do something Saturday night. The Good Guy calls just to hear your voice.

There is a difference between the guy who says you are beautiful and the guy who knows you are beautiful.

There is a guy who will say the right things and a guy who will actually do them.

When it comes to being single, it’s easy to get discouraged after so many bad dates that finding a guy who says nice things to make us smile can seem to be enough. After a while, those “nice things” become just words, and you realize that Mr. Nice Guy isn’t putting forth any more effort than he has to in order to keep you around.

Because, you deserve someone who shows you just how much you mean to him.