A Company Can Match The Smell Of Your Dead Loved One And Make It Into A Perfume

Scent is such a funny thing. You can step outside of your home, smell the smoke from someone’s fireplace, and be instantly informed that the seasons are changing.

Or you can walk past someone wearing the same perfume your favorite high school teacher used to wear and be instantly transported back to the days of SAT’s and unnecessary drama.

But what about when certain scents trigger the memory of a deceased loved one? You can try all you want to keep smelling. You hope the scent lingers a little longer, because it’s been forever since you last hugged that person, and you don’t want the memory to go away.

(Cue the teardrops…)

Katia Apaletegui is an entrepreneur who is launching a fragrance company to do just that: recreate the scent of your deceased loved one.

After gathering your deceased loved one’s personal items, such as their clothing and their pillow cases, a chemist at Universite du Havre runs these items through a process to isolate the human-originating odors (roughly one hundred molecules) to turn them into sprayable fragrance.

The chemist will then process these items to isolate scent particles, specifically, those that came directly from the person him or herself.

Of course, this is not some Bath and Body Works $10 spray….

The cost for this (not at all morbid) perfume is $600.

Apalategui says she created this in order to help people cope with their grief after a recent loss. She wants to provide people with “olfactory comfort,” or a source of solace on par with photos and videos of the deceased.

She plans to launch the company in September with help from her son, who’s currently in business school.