A PRIVATE Boeing 747 is a Floating Mansion

You thought $60 million private jets were the peak of airborne luxury? Guess again, because GreenPoint Technologies in Seattle has completed the first completely customized, official redesign of a Boeing 747-8 to a confidential VIP and/or Head of State.

Pricetag: $367 million, before the custom interior installation. It’s 5,000 square feet of pure opulence 35,000 feet up.

Lounge in your stateroom and watch nature programming. Or let’s be honest, live feeds of the tigers that you own.

If you can make it out of one of the many bedrooms, get down to business and/or display the (hopefully secured) awards you’ve received in this stately office.

Conference Room to discuss where to spend the rest of your billions? Check!

Or turn it into a dining room to entertain all the people who are definitely into you for your personality and not this plane.

If you miss the public airline experience, just fill your plane with flight attendants, crying babies, and tiny water bottles. They’ll all thank you!

Check out all the features in this walk-through tour!