Adorable 6-Year-Old Girl Gives Mom Amazing Advice During Divorce

This little six-year-old girl has won the heart of millions after her almost three minute video telling mom all about how she should handle things during her divorce. The little girl asks mom all about if she is ready to be her fathers friend and keeps saying she wants everything to be low and to try their best.

Of course this little girl doesnt want her parents to be meanies again and wants them to be settled. Several times she makes sure that mom knows that she is not trying to be mean and just wants everyone to be friends. Her mother does a great job of handling her little speech and getting it all on video.

It would be great if every child could handle things through a divorce this well. This six-year-old has found a way to win over the heart of millions and hopefully her parents are doing okay now and keeping things settled the exact way her daughter told her to do.