All The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailers in One Place

In a galaxy far far away…;.actually in a really close galaxy, our own, Star Wars’ fans have been collectively losing their minds since the first trailer of the latest installment of the epic sci-fi franchise emerged. Why? First, it’s Star Wars, and you could justify the hysteria with that alone. Second, it alludes to the older installments of the franchise and shows a few glimpses of our favorite characters from the older movies. Finally, it introduces us to a whole new set of protagonists (including a new cute droid, which is not the droid you are looking for…;sorry couldn’t help myself).

As some of us here at are also trembling in anticipation like Chihuahuas dressed in storm trooper armor we thought we’d take a little break from all the career advice and geek out with the rest of the world. We decided to do both our Star Wars obsessed readers and ourselves a favor by collecting almost all of the (official) trailers in one sweet little list. These are the trailers that have been released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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On a glorious winter day last year, Lucasfilm decided to make our hearts skip a beat by releasing this epic trailer:

Released Nov 28 ‘14

I could sit here and explain the entire video above, but honestly just watch it, it’s awesome.

After leaving us stewing in our fandom for a few more months the makers of the movie teased us a bit more with this gem:

Released Apr 16 ‘15

This not only talks about the genetic nature of the force, but we also see our beloved Chewbacca and Hans Solo, zooming through ruins in the Millenium Falcon while dogfighting with a Tie-Fighter. Have you had enough yet or are thirsty for more? Of course, you haven’t, how could you?

Just last month this trailer was released, let the majesty of the entire 2.35 minute trailer warm you in its glow.

Released Oct 19 ‘15

You know what I think I’ll just watch that again…;..

The international market gets all the good stuff, ads with boobies, legalized prostitution and this epic trailer with even more footage from the films. How come they get all the good stuff?

Released Nov 6 ‘15

We are introduced to both Finn (the AWOL stormtrooper) and Rey (the scavenger from the first teaser) it shows Princess Leia and Hans Solo again! I’m sorry, I think my face is melting.

These next two videos are one-minute TV spots, but I’m sure you still can’t get enough, so here they are to hold you over until Dec 14th.

Because I know you are sitting in your Chewbacca Snuggie shivering not from the cold, but from withdrawal symptoms here’s something to keep you busy until the day the Force will Awaken:

Oh, and this.

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Keep your eyes on your favorite blog for more news, updates and trailers from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, if you see anything new let us know in the comment section below!