An American Man Visited The UK And Had This To Say About British People

An American man has wrote a list about very British things after his holiday to the UK and its gone viral.

Scott Waters is an photographer and artist from Florida, USA who has visited the UK four times and decided to give his Facebook friends an insight into the life British people lead after visiting London, Cornwall, Oxford and Leicestershire in his most recent trip.

Since posting the lengthy list on to social media it has since gone viral with over 67,000 shares and 121,000 likes.


The list that contains almost 100 reflections on the British Isle includes; cake is one of the major food groups, everything closes by 6pm and the newspapers can be awful.

Many Brits have commented on the post either adding further notes or admitting the Americans post has made them proud to be British. As well as this many people from across the pond have also commented on the viral post baffled by the behaviour of the British.

Here are all of his musings on the United Kingdom