Are Your Drinking Something Right Now? Well, Toss It Aside Immediately & Drink 50 Bleu Vodka Instead

As their Instagram account pointed out, 50 Bleu is all about a lifestyle.

It’s a lifestyle. #HappyFriday #Drink50

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There are 50 shades of Bleu you need to have in your life right now.

If you’re looking down at your watch and it’s reading “party o’clock,” then do I have the libations for you to imbibe.

50 Bleu Ultra Premium Vodka may have just hit the market, but its journey started all the way from its motherland of Poland.

That’s right, the Dankowskie Golden Rye is grown in the Southeast of Poland before it’s harvested in July. If that sentence that seems straight out of a Tolstoy novel is not beautiful enough to convince you of its quality, take a seat.

Are you sitting? Good.

After the wheat is harvested, its mixed with crystal clear water from an artisanal well, which is roughly 50 degrees Fahrenheit. No, that isn’t a line from a Portlandia sketch. The fine people at 50 Bleu really want you to have the best Vodka possible.

It’s smooth with a little bit of spice to it, and so when it comes to your next big night out with your crew, make the right decision. Go Bleu, or go home.