Are Your Selfie Habits Normal? Find Out HERE!

The number of attempts people make for each selfie may surprise you.

The number of attempts people make for each selfie may surprise you.

How many pics do you take to get just one usable selfie? Some might say zero is the correct answer because selfies are unnecessary, narcissistic vanity photos. But what do they know? Those people are the same ones who probably spend their time being productive. LAME.

For those of us who still enjoy taking or viewing a perfect shot of legs lounging on a beach chair, there are now statistics to see if the number of pics we take per selfie is normal.

According to a new survey by OnePoll, women take more shots to get their selfies just right — averaging six photos before being satisfied. Men, on the other hand, typically take about four pics and then move on.

A side study has taken a look at whether people feel depressed looking at pictures on social media. Nearly half of women admitted to having lower self-esteem after looking at photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while just over 25% of men were affected. The results are according to a campaign from ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

A final question asked whether people have altered a photo of their children in any way before they posted it on social media. Surprisingly, 15% of women and 19% of men said ‘Yes!’

Note: If you’re taking more than ten selfies before you’re happy with a pic, you shouldn’t feel like there’s anything wrong with you – although a quick Google search of shrinks in your area might not be a bad idea.